God created the family for your greatest satisfaction and joy, yet it can easily be your greatest sadness.  God wants to empower you to not only have a great family, but also a family that multiplies His life throughout society. "Family" will equip you for raising Godly offspring through truth and perspective.  Your family is not only  your most important work in your short time on  earth, but also God's most important testimony.

"FAMILY" contains the following lessons:

Lesson 1 - The Godly Family

Lesson 1, "The Godly Family," establishes the importance of a Godly family, the parents' role in creating a Godly family, and key components of creating a Godly family.

Lesson 2 - A Father`s Role in Building the Family

Lesson 2, "A Father's Role in Building the Family," will focus on the father's role in raising children.  It will establish the special responsibilities that a father has in raising the children.  Father's play a pivotal role in not only raising Godly children, but also fully devoted followers' of Christ who love God and bring Him glory.

Lesson 3 - Trusting God to Build the Family

Lesson 3, "Trusting God to Build the Family," you will teach you how to trust the Lord for success, peace, and satisfaction in raising a Godly family.  Your trust and reliance on God is your daily fuel for raising Godly children.

Lesson 4 - God Building the Family

In Lesson 4, "God Building the Family," you will learn that it is God alone Who will enable you to raise up Godly young men and women.  You will learn how to allow God to build your family.  That which is produced by the hands of God alone will shine like bright stars in a dark and evil world.

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