Christians can know Christ, but live out the rest of their life in emptiness not knowing God's purpose.  As a Christian you can own everything, but still live like a slave (Galatians 4:1).  "God's Purpose For You" will help you not only know His purpose, but to step into it, so you can experience His best.  "God's Purpose For You" will help you come into alignment with God, so He can not only do His greatest work in you, but also through you.  God wants to use you in a mighty way and "God's Purpose For You" will help position you for His greatest use!

"GOD'S PURPOSE FOR YOU" contains the following lessons:

Lesson 1 - Positioning for Purpose

Lesson 1 of "God's Purpose for You" sets the stage for knowing and fulfilling God's purpose.  This lesson defines the eight purposes God has for every Christian.  Knowing these eight purposes will provide the understanding for achieving God's purpose.  God's purpose is the beginning of not only being all God wants you to be, but also positioning you for knowing His will.

Lesson 2 - Inner Purpose

Lesson 2 of "God's Purpose for You" will help you understand your inner purpose as a follower of Christ.  Your inner purpose defines God's path to becoming Christlike.  Achieving your inner purpose will illuminate the path to your transformation to Christlikeness, which paves the way for your outer purpose.

Lesson 3 - Outer Purpose

Lesson 3 of "God's Purpose for You" will help you in expressing outer purpose, which is God expressing His life through you to others.  As inner purpose occurs, you will release God's work through your life so the outer purpose God has planned for you will occur.  Walk and live in God's purpose and experience the fullness of His plan for you!

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