“Grief” consists of four lessons.  The process of dealing with grief is multifaceted.  The approach of this study is to draw you into the Word of God so to not only draw you more into God's presence, but also position you to hear God.  The more you are drawn into the presence and work of God the more you will be touched by His love.  The "Grief" study will help you come to God in dealing with your grief.  "Grief" does not attempt to deal with grief from a clinical perspective but from an eternal perspective.  "Grief" will help you see and view your current circumstances within God’s eternal destiny for you while positioning you to better hear and follow Him during this difficult time.   

"GRIEF" contains the following lessons:

Lesson 1 - Grief in Perspective

Lesson 1 teaches the importance of viewing grief in light of your eternal destiny with your Heavenly Father.  The beginning of dealing with grief begins with the sovereignty of God and trusting His purpose for you.

Lesson 2 - Finding Comfort in God During Times of Grief

Lesson 2 will show how you can experience comfort and peace during times of grief.  Ultimately your peace during times of grief will be found in God.

Lesson 3 - Allowing Grief to be an Opportunity for God to Work

Lesson 3 will help you in adjusting your life to trusting God with your grief.  Lesson 3 will not only help you in trusting God with your grief, but also how to position your life to receive peace and comfort while moving more into God's purpose.

Lesson 4 - Beginning a New Direction

Lesson 4 will help you continue to grow in peace and comfort with God by continuing to build on your intimacy with Jesus while helping you find a new direction as you go forward.

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