Suffering, troubles, hard times, trials, and struggles can all sap the life out of a follower of Christ. This study will help you not only better understand your hard times, but also better equip you for allowing God’s mighty hand to take you through them. The study of these Scriptures will help frame your attitude, equip how you handle your hard time, while understanding God’s work amidst this trying time. Hard times will always be difficult, but learning how to go through them with Christ while appropriating His power will not only help you personally, but will also provide a wonderful opportunity for God’s face to be shone!

"HARD TIMES" contains the following lessons:

Lesson 1 - Blood Type

Just as a surgeon must first understand the medical problem, so you must understand the root cause of your hard time. This lesson will help you identify the root cause of your hard time. Having a better understanding for the reason will make you tender and receptive to the Holy Spirit’s encouragement, leading, and understanding.

Lesson 2 - Heavenly Attitude

Your ability to deal with hard times will be affected by your heavenly attitude of seeing from God’s vantage point. Lesson 2 will help you develop a heavenly attitude that will not only help you see your hard time through the eyes of Jesus, but to also open your life more to God’s work.

Lesson 3 - Earthly Attitude

Lesson 3 will help you in developing your earthly attitude for coping and dealing with your hard times. You will learn eight earthly attitudes that will position you to experience more of God during your hard time. 

Lesson 4 - God's Purpose

God wants to use your hard time regardless of the type. This lesson contains eleven purposes that could be occurring to help you better see how God is using your hard time for a heavenly purpose. Better understanding God’s purpose will help you in your journey.

Lesson 5 - Handling Hard Times

How you handle hard times will often mitigate or amplify the harm. This lesson will help prepare you with Godly responses for handling hard times.  Preparing yourself while in safety will spiritually connect you with the faith to endure hard times. 

Lesson 6 - God's Response

Your walk of faith will not go unanswered. This lesson will better prepare you to live out your faith as God responds to what you are going through. You will learn twelve responses from God that you could possibly experience. Knowing these responses will help you connect with God’s response.

Lesson 7 - God's in Control

Your walk of faith during your hard time may conclude quickly or last a long time - seeming like eternity. This lesson will unveil eleven of God’s promises to help bring you through your hard time, so you can find encouragement, equipping, and support.

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