Knowing your identity in Christ equips you to live in this fallen and broken world. Gaining a greater understanding of your identity in Christ will strength your walk and intimacy with Christ. Satan, the world, and your flesh will constantly be challenging your identity in Christ. Satan will use the uncertainty of your identity in Christ to tempt you into proving your spirituality through performance. Responding in this way causes you to live as a slave instead of God’s son. Galatians 4:1 says, “What I am saying is that as long as the heir is a child, he is no different from a slave, although he owns the whole estate.” Your lack of identity in Christ can cause you to live as an impotent Christian who bears little fruit while experiencing little of Christ’s love, power, and presence. This study, “Identity in Christ,” will not only help you understand your identity in Christ, but will also help you learn to live in the power of your identity in Christ.

"IDENTITY IN CHRIST" contains the following lessons:

Lesson 1 - Your Heavenly Identity

Your heavenly identity will help you in relating to your heavenly Father, while your earthly identity will help you in relating to and engaging those in this world.  Your heavenly identity gives the inheritance of who you are in Christ, so you can live in the confidence your identity in Him.

Lesson 2 - Your Earthly Identity

This lesson will help you experience heaven on earth now by knowing your earthly identity.  Your life in Christ is no longer one of laws, but of availability and participation in the work of the Holy Spirit while continuing to fall more in love with Jesus.  Living this way allows your choices to be made in light of who you are instead of trying to determine who you are!  

Lesson 3 - of Your Identity

Your identity in Christ opens your life to God’s promises for living on this earth.  Your identity in Christ will allow you to live in this world so God’s purpose is worked through you.  Now, live out your identity in Christ through His promises!

Lesson 4 - Sustaining Your Identity

This lesson will prepare you for the pitfalls that might rob you of your victory by failing to live in your identity in Christ.  Your identity in Christ is not a to-do list, but learning to be clothed in His identity, so it is Jesus in you who brings the victory.    

Lesson 5 - Father's Love

The “Father’s Love” will enlarge God’s love for you. Grasping and understanding God’s love is a significant step to knowing and experiencing Him. As the depth of God’s love penetrates your life, your love for Him will grow. A growing understanding of God’s love for you will allow Him to more fully envelop your life into His, so your heart beats as His heart beats.

Lesson 6 - Father Knows Best

Living in your identity in Christ requires faith.  Faith is often helped by better knowing who you place your faith in.  “Father Knows Best” will describe God’s intimate and intricate knowledge and love of you.  There is nothing you can hide from God and there is nothing God cannot lead you in.  Your heavenly Father was not only intimately involved in your creation, but continues to be involved in His transformative work in you.

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