God did not save you to live aimlessly.  God has a purpose and plan for you to live life to its fullest while being used by God for His greatest kingdom purpose.  "Knowing God's Will" will help you discover God's will for your life, so you can not only experience more of God's hand in your life, but also find greater fulfillment.  Do not go another day without knowing God's will for your life.   

"KNOWING GOD'S WILL" contains the following lessons:

Worksheet for Knowing God's Will

This worksheet is provided to help you hear what God is speaking to you through the study as well as helping you live out His calling. This worksheet will help you solidy God's will for you while you move forward in it.

Lesson 1 - Proper Frame of Mind

Lesson 1 will help you develop the proper frame of mind and stance to receive and understand God's will for you.  Positioning yourself to hear and respond to God's will is critical for knowing His will.

Lesson 2 - Change of Ownership

Lesson 2 deals with the important principle of ownership.  It will help you change the control of your life to God.  Changing the control of your life is critical to knowing and doing God's will.

Lesson 3 - Looking to Heaven Not Earth

Lesson 3 will help you in the process of allowing God to direct and guide you in His will so that you are empowered to do His will.  It is not enough to know His will, but to do it.  Learning to walk in His will not only opens your life to the full satisfaction of what God has for you, but also allows God to accomplish His kingdom purpose through you.

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