The quest for a great marriage is an elusive oasis in our world.  The study “Marriage" will help release God's active work in bringing the satisfaction and happiness you desire for your marriage.  Marriage is tough and challenging, but through the power of God your marriage can not only have greater satisfaction and happiness, but will also help you experience greater purpose and fulfillment.  Enter into God's design for marriage, so you can not only find happiness, but also make a difference in the kingdom of God! 

"MARRIAGE" contains the following lessons:

Lesson 1 - Erosion

Lesson 1 deals with the character traits in human nature that erode a marriage.  It presents God's truth for overcoming sinful character traits that will erode your marriage.

Lesson 2 - Establishment

Lesson 2 lays the principles for multiplying God's work in your marriage while firmly establishing your love, friendship, and ministry together.

Lesson 3 - Growing

Lesson 3 provides the key areas of character, relationship, and techniques for growing a strong marriage.  "Growing" will help prepare you for God's purpose and abundance.

Lesson 4 - Cultivation

Lesson 4 takes your marriage from an inward focus to a God-focused relationship with your Heavenly Father being the driving force of your marriage.

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