TRANSFORMATION - Part 2 - Integrity

"Transformation" – Part 2 covers the third "I" - Integrity. Integrity consists of thirteen lessons to help you in your walk with Christ.  The topics covered under integrity will be foundational in experiencing a victorious Christian life.

"Transformation" is a three part Bible study that covers the 4 "I's" to the transformed life: Intimacy, Immersion, Integrity, and Involvement.  The complete study of

"Transformation" is unique because it does not allow you to move from Part 1 (Intimacy and Immersion) into Part 2 (Integrity) and Part 3 (Involvement) without the continual reinforcement and encouragement to live intimately with Christ. Each lesson in Part 2 (Integrity) and Part 3 (Involvement) begins with a Scripture and question on intimacy, immersion, and the Holy Spirit. The process of transformation occurs not through an exercise of how much Biblical content you take into your life, but how you continue to grow in intimacy with Christ while becoming more immersed in Him through the work of the Holy Spirit. Your life in Christ is not an exercise in your talents and effort but an expression of Christ's life lived through you. The actualization of Intimacy, Immersion, Integrity, and Involvement leads to the “transformation” of your life in Christ.

"Transformation" – Part 1 covers the first two "I's" - Intimacy and Immersion. It is a four lesson study that will help you develop greater intimacy in Christ. Out of this greater intimacy with Christ, you experience immersion in Christ, which is Lordship. Intimacy will allow you to experience a greater amount of God's Holiness and character.  The natural result of experiencing God's Holiness and character is the exposure of areas of sin and disobedience. Immersion is your response to those areas of sin that are contrary to God so that you can be drawn into greater intimacy with Him.

"Transformation" – Part 3 covers the fourth "I" - Involvement. Involvement consists of four lessons. The natural result of Intimacy will be the exposure of areas of your life that need to be submitted to Christ. The greater your Immersion in Christ – the greater your desire will be to experience more of Him. As you live out your life using the lessons of Integrity, you will have a greater desire to express Christ's life in you through Involvement. Part 3 will help you be used more by God to minister to a dark and hurting world. The last lesson of Part 3 encourages and teaches you in seeking God's will and where He is leading you.

"TRANSFORMATION - Part 2 - Integrity" contains the following lessons:

Lesson 1 - Integrity - Living by Obedience

Lesson 1 of Integrity in Transformation – Part 2 is the gateway to understand integrity because all other areas of integrity require decisions of obedience. 1 John 2:5-6 says, "If anyone obeys His word, God's love is truly made complete in Him.  This is how we know we are in Him: Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did."  (NIV)

Lesson 2 - Integrity - Living by Humility

Lesson 2 of Integrity is “Humility.”  Humility is often the number one reason for failure to obey God.  Lesson 2 will help you walk before God and man in humility.

Lesson 3 - Integrity - Forgiveness

Lesson 3, “Forgiveness,” of Integrity shows how forgiveness opens your life to God’s full power so that you can be used to God’s maximum. 

Lesson 4 - Integrity - Love

Lesson 4, “Love,” shows how love must be pre-eminent in every aspect of your life.  Nothing should diminish your love for God and others.  God's greatest work emanates from love.  1 Peter 4:8 says, "Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins."  (NIV)

Lesson 5 - Integrity - Temptation

Lesson 5, “Temptation,” of Integrity will teach you how to not only withstand the temptations you will face, but gain victory in areas of temptation.

Lesson 6 - Integrity - Faithfulness

Lesson 6, “Faithfulness,” will help teach you how to cultivate and live a life of faithfulness so that you are able to experience an increasing measure of God's power and work.

Lesson 7 - Integrity - Peace

Lesson 7, “Peace,” of Integrity will teach you how to experience one of the most sought after qualities in life – peace. This study draws a picture of God that attracts you to Him for your peace while helping you to find peace with the God.

Lesson 8 - Integrity - Trials

Lesson 8, “Trials,” will help you not only cope with trials, but also help you position yourself to experience a greater measure of God's power. This lesson will give you an eternal perspective on trials while teaching you to respond and succeed in God’s way rather than the world’s way.

Lesson 9 - Integrity - Honesty

Lesson 9, “Honesty,” will show you how honesty is a foundational block for developing a solid relationship with God and others.  Honesty is important for God’s work in you. This lesson will broaden your understanding of honesty as well as helping you walk in honest.

Lesson 10 - Integrity - Money

Lesson 10, “Money,” will teach you the value of money in God’s economy.  It will help you see money as a tool for kingdom work and not personal gratification.  This lesson will also help you to live free of money's grip, so you can live under God's control rather than the control of money.

Lesson 11 - Integrity - The Tongue

Lesson 11, “The Tongue,” will teach you how to bridle your tongue so that Christ not only can be shown through your life, but also to allow His life to be seen by others. This lesson will help God reveal root causes that create fertile ground for an out-of-control tongue. 

Lesson 12 - The Fellowship of Believers

Lesson 12, “Fellowship of Believers,” will enlarge your scope to the importance of other Christians in helping you to grow in your relationship with Christ as well as protecting yourself from sin, false teaching, and becoming “me-focused” instead of outwardly focused towards love and ministry.

Lesson 13 - Integrity - Purity

Lesson 13, “Purity,” will broaden your understanding of purity while equipping you to be pure.

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