"Work" is a four lesson study designed to help you gain greater satisfaction in your job while positioning yourself to be a greater witness for Christ.  This study will help you in coping with a difficult work environment, how to make the work place your mission field, and how to seek God's direction on work.  Whatever your current work situation, you will learn how to integrate work with your walk as a follower of Christ.     

"WORK" contains the following lessons:

Lesson 1 - Enduring a Stressful Workplace

Lesson 1 teaches you how to endure stress at work by taking on a new perspective while trusting the God during the process.

Lesson 2 - Integrity in the Workplace

Lesson 2 teaches not only the importance of integrity in the workplace, but also how the testing of your integrity can result growth.  This lesson will teach how testing in the workplace can be used by God to draw others to Him.

Lesson 3 - Balancing Work and Rest

Lesson 3 develops an overlooked truth about work concerning rest and balance.  How to cope with workplace pressures that cause a life imbalance.  This lesson will also help you understand how your observance of the Sabbath principle can be used by God in your life.

Lesson 4 - Success in the Marketplace

Lesson 4 will help you define success in the marketplace and how you can achieve it.  Understanding success in light of Christ's calling in your life is critical not only to your work, but also in being used by God.

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