“24 Building Blocks to Building Your Life on Christ” is a unique study designed for Bible Study groups where participation and involvement may be temporary or erratic.  It would be excellent for most small groups, school Bible studies, Bibles studies in outreach formats, Sunday schools, and for youth groups.  “24 Building Blocks” is an exciting study that will help Christians grow beyond just knowing Christ as their Lord and Savior to experiencing an intimate and fruitful relationship with Him.  “24 Building Blocks” can have a transformational impact on your life no matter where you are in your walk with Christ.  As a new believer, you will have the opportunity to establish your walk with Christ so that you can experience Christ’s intimacy and abundance of life.  If you are a long time believer that has not experienced satisfaction and fullness in your Christian walk, you can lay a foundation through “24 Building Blocks” that will help you attain a richer intimacy with Christ while growing and being fruitful in your walk with Him.  If you are a mature believer that is experiencing intimacy and satisfaction with Christ, you can cultivate skills and tools for greater ministry and fruitfulness.  “24 Building Blocks” is developed around the Scripture of building your house on rock or sand.  "24 Building Blocks" presents four levels of Christian growth with each level consisting of six short studies.  All 24 building blocks are on one page.  Each level represents a level of growth in your development and experience as a follower of Christ.  Each building block is composed of a topic, nine Scriptures around that topic, and a key word for each Scripture.  "24 Building Blocks" is the only Growing in Christ study not in a Scripture/Question/Answer format.  

"24 BUILDING BLOCKS TO BUILDING YOUR LIFE ON CHRIST" contains the following lessons:

24 Building Blocks to Building Your Life on Christ

24 Lessons to building your Christian life on a solid foundation to experience all that God has for you.

Instructions for Using 24 Building Blocks

Provides detailed instructions on how to use the unique teaching tool - "24 Building Blocks in Christ."  "24 Building Blocks in Christ" is the on Growing in Christ study that in not in a Scripture/question format.  Its unique design is more for an open discussion based on key Scriptures in the topic area.

Introduction for Using 24 Building blocks

The Introduction Letter is for particpants who will be using "24 Building Blocks." The letter introduces them to the study and how to use it.

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