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"Surfing With God"

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“Isaiah 48:18 “If only you had paid attention to My commands, your peace would have been like a river, your righteousness like the waves of the sea.”


   “Surfing with God provides a visual of the Christian life that is instructive for successful Christian living.  Walking with Christ will never look successful in the world’s eyes.  Walking with Christ is not about our happiness, but about allowing God to envelop our lives into His in a way that allows us to experience God Himself.  Human nature always wants to be on top of the wave, while in fact there will always be tumbles.  The secret of walking with Christ is that you keep walking in good and bad times while allowing God to handle the details and results.


How about you?  How do you handle the waves of life?  What Scriptures have better equipped you to seek only His glory instead of what the world craves?  Click here to join in the conversation and share Scripture or thoughts on this area.  (Click here to read the full teaching on Lordship.)