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Pastor David Adair, Lead Pastor Fronline Church, Edmond, Oklahoma

Charles Davis has a servant’s heart and a passion to see Christians experience life to the fullest in Jesus. In “Through the Eye of the Needle – How to Experience the Fullness of Christ” this heart and passion are evident. I found it encouraging, thought provoking, and inspiring.”

Clark B. Mitchell, Sr Pastor of Journey Church of OKC; CEO of Loveworks Inc.

I have had the honor of sitting under Charles Davis’ Discipleship for years, and in everyday situations, it has changed me life. While walking through the “eye of the needle” might not be normal, or easy, it is our call. On the other side there is clarity, peace, hope, prosperity (while even in seasons of testing), and Christ being glorified. Read the whole thing, don’t miss a beat, and join me, and thousands of others, as we dare to walk through the eye of the needle. Thank you Charles for your endless grace, your persistent hope, and your sacrificial time, it has changed my life forever.

Rev. David Cook

I have known Charles Davis for many years and have always found him to be a thoughtful and courageous man. Having worked with Charles and have him teach through the Eye of the Needle concepts in one of my previous churches I find it exciting that he has put his thoughts, words and concepts into Book form. If you desire to lead people into a relationship with our Lord Jesus I encourage you to read Through the eye of the Needle and put into practice its concepts and applications.

Brad Moore

"Through the Eye of the Needle" is a book worthy of the time required to read it and to meditate on the principles covered. When you are ready to be challenged to grow spiritually, read this book! I believe anyone who reads this book and seriously contemplates the words and scripture throughout the book, will be both convicted and encouraged. This book is easy to read, but not easy receive. Charles Davis has poured his life into discipling others and he includes examples from real life experiences. You are faced with the decision on whether you are willing to be sanctified, relying on the power of God's grace. New Christians and those who have known Christ for many years will benefit from this book. I wholeheartedly recommend you read and receive the message of "Through the Eye of the Needle".