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"Playing With Fire"

Date published: 02/10/2013
Rom 16:19 “I want you to be wise in what is good, and innocent in what is evil.” (NASB)  
Do you as a Christian heed this advice?  It seems that the philosophy of many Christians is that evil has no power or influence.  Some of the attitudes exhibited by this philosophy are: 1) You learn by experience and exposure; 2) Our kids will be savvy when they are exposed to things of the world; and 3) As long as you do not partake, it is okay.  These types of attitudes result in you looking at things you should not be looking at, you hear things you should not be hearing, and you participate in activities that are far from Godly.  Much of this occurs from what you perceive as minor compromises and rationalizations that justify your desires and attitudes.  Each of these compromises takes you a step closer to evil and becomes food to harden your heart to righteousness.  Habakkuk 1:13 warns, “Your eyes are too pure to look on evil; you cannot tolerate wrong.  Why then do you tolerate the treacherous?  Why are you silent while the wicked swallow up those more righteous than themselves?”  God wants you to flee from evil and pursue righteousness.  When you flirt with evil, you exhibit a pride that you are immune to its harmful effects and the temptations of this world.  Proverbs 16:18 teaches, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before stumbling.” God wants you to not be wise in the ways of this world, but to be wise in Him. You become wise in Christ when you know His character, seek His righteousness, and actively fellowship with Him daily by reading His Word and praying constantly.  
1 Corinthians 10:21 instructs, “You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord's table and the table of demons.”  As a follower of Christ, you must make a clear choice to follow Jesus.  Jesus is your Standard, your Pleasure, your Provider, and your Wisdom.  In Him is life!    
Philippians 3:20-21 “But our citizenship is in heaven.  And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the power that enables Him to bring everything under His control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like His glorious body.”