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"Christmas Promotion"

Date published: 12/11/2019

Do you know…

      someone who is not a Christian?

      anyone who needs training on how to disciple others?

      a Christian who does not practice their faith?

      someone who desires to deepen their walk with Christ?

      someone who participates in Christianity, but has never experienced the

         living Christ?


   Through the Eye of the Needle was written with these express questions in mind.  Through December 23rd you can buy Through the Eye of the Needle on Amazon for $14.95 and receive for free the Growing in Christ Ministry Package for Individuals, which usually sells for $75.  This offer is activated when you complete your Amazon online review of Through the Eye of the Needle”.


   The Growing in Christ Ministry Package for Individuals is designed to equip Christians for individual growth, evangelism, and one-on-one discipleship.  You will receive in digital format 19 separate topical Bible studies consisting of 118 lessons.  These 19 topical Bible studies provide valuable Biblical training for almost any area of desired growth or discipleship of others.  The digital format allows you to evangelize and disciple others by providing them with these valuable Bible studies at no additional charge to them or you.


   Order your book today from Amazon and receive your Growing in Christ Ministry Package free of charge once you complete the Amazon Book Review.  Include your name on the review, then email to receive the free Ministry Package.


   You will not only receive this life changing book, but also 118 Bible lessons that will enable you to grow, disciple, and minister to others.  Consider offering these as Christmas gifts.  The recipient of the gift will also be eligible for the free Ministry Package once they complete the online review and email their address to  The free Ministry Package is available through January 31st by completing your Amazon online review.


   Take advantage of this opportunity to better equip you to be God’s hands and feet in this world!


Lord bless,


Charles T. Davis

Charles T. Davis