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"An Epic Battle - Changing the Rules - Part 1"

Date published: 03/14/2020

This will be a multi-week teaching that will profoundly affect your walk and fruitfulness in Christ.  I encourage you to not get to caught up in illustrative words.  This writing is meant to dramatize the narrative to help challenge you today on God’s work and life in you in order to better help you to practically apply the Scripture for a more profound impact on your life.  My prayer is that you find hope and strength in this teaching while being encouraged and strengthened in faith.


Hebrews 4:15 “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have One who has been tempted in every way, just as we are — yet was without sin.”


   Jesus was inserted into the human predicament of failing to follow God so to alter man’s predicament of sin and righteousness.  Throughout the history of man as recorded in the Bible man had proven that the human condition of man’s sinfulness was continually destroying mankind.  The story of Elijah and the priests of Baal is a great example that even when God was actively working in man, their sin condition still dragged them down.  In this story Elijah had challenged the legitimacy of the 850 priests of Baal.  Elijah doubled down on the challenge of showing God’s intervention by making it twice as hard for a miracle to occur.  By faith Elijah prayed and saw God perform an amazing miracle that all the 850 priests of Baal could not perform under better conditions. (1 Kings 18:19-19:2) You would think this incredible miracle would have bolstered Elijah’s faith.  Instead Elijah immediately fled to escape Jezebel’s edict to kill him!  How could he see God’s hand so clearly, yet have not the faith to confront Jezebel?  God’s continual interventions into the life of man seemed to follow a similar pattern of sin and failure.  God’s solution was Jesus.


   Jesus’ birth and life are amazing from every vantage point.  Mary’s impregnation as a virgin defied all knowledge.  Mary and Joseph’s response to her pregnancy was so bold and startling that their responses defied human practice at that time.  Jesus was birthed through several divine interventions to protect Him while fulfilling multiple prophecies on Jesus.  Jesus was born and raised as a normal child.  Mary knew what she had experienced in angelic interventions, but for thirty years she raised, taught and encouraged her son in his growth and development without any additional angelic appearances.  Thirty years she lived with knowledge of this divine intervention in her life.  Can you imagine her questions and doubts about what happened?  Jesus grew up like all the other kids around Him.  Jesus moved on to working and living as an adult.  Jesus slept, worked, ate, played, and did everything like any other person.  Even with the normalcy of Jesus’ rearing he appears to have grown up as a good child who positively matured into adulthood where He performed well in society.  After almost 11,000 days Mary had to begin wondering why God did what He did?  She had to have asked many times whether anything was ever going to come from it.  People did not live significantly beyond 30 during these times.  Where was God and why had God done this?  We have two Scriptures speaking of Jesus growing up: Luke 2:33 “The child's father and mother marveled at what was said about him” and Luke 2:52 “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”  Jesus was a good kid, grew into a good adult who had a solid Jewish foundation.  Mary still had to be wondering why and would she see anything come from her miracle impregnation.


   How would you do in upending your life for God without any concrete enforcement of where you were going?  Would you begin to doubt what you heard?  Remain faithful to your calling with no reinforcement for such a long time?  In our McDonald’s society waiting one day is eternity, but waiting 11,000 days??  Stay tuned for next week as we explore Jesus’ spiritual enlightenment.  Stick with me and enjoy God’s plan to empower and transform the human dilemma.  


Luke 1:74-75 “To rescue us from the hand of our enemies, and to enable us to serve Him without fear in holiness and righteousness before Him all our days.


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