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Date published: 10/01/2014
   We are excited to introduce our latest Bible Study – “Satisfaction” – Going Through the Eye of the Needle. This is an amazing study that will help you to not only experience Christ in a more powerful way, but also help take you into a relationship with Christ that you have never experienced before. 

   This study was designed to transform your Christian life from one of impotency to the power of Christ living in you. You will learn a fresh truth on how to find satisfaction and power in your faith. You will journey from where you are to making your God bigger. Straightforward truths will challenge your faith, so that you position your life to deal with what is blocking God, so you are ready to go through the eye of the needle with heart, will, and determination. Jesus died for you, so you could experience His love, power, and purpose. God wants to do this as a child of the King who is empowered by the Holy Spirit.


   You can now order “Satisfaction” by going to