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"Jesus is Lord"

Date published: 10/03/2016
Luke 14:33 “In the same way, any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be My disciple.” (NIV) 

   Most Christians say Jesus is Lord of their lives while having little understanding or commitment to what Lordship means. This position can be dangerous. In Luke 14:33 Jesus says you cannot be His disciple unless you give up everything you have, while in Romans 10:9 we are told that confessing “Jesus is Lord” is one of the requisites for salvation, “That if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” (NIV) At one point in Jesus’ ministry He said in frustration, “Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say?” (NIV) Letting that question resonate should cause every follower of Christ to answer the call to obedience in making Jesus Lord of his/her life. I would like to suggest three things to help every follower of Christ make Jesus Lord of his/her life: 

   First, fashion God according to His will and not your making. Believers inadvertently parse Scripture, discard truths according to their needs, and fit God into their lives according to their priorities, not God’s. Matthew 7:13-14 describes this mindset, "Enter through the narrow gate.  For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (NIV) Fashioning God according to your needs, desires, and priorities quickly fills your life with destructive consequences. Taking the narrow road allows God to fully possess your life for His joyful presence and work. 

   Second, prayerfully allow God to sift your life for false beliefs that are blocking God. Set time aside to ask God’s direction on what He wants for you. Journal what you hear and act upon it. Matthew 18:8-9 describes the mindset of doing this, “If your hand or your foot causes you to sin cut it off and throw it away.  It is better for you to enter life maimed or crippled than to have two hands or two feet and be thrown into eternal fire.” (NIV) Areas of your life where Jesus is not Lord might require not just minor change, but major adjustments (“cut it off and throw it away”) to your life. The rewards of making Jesus Lord are worth these changes. 

   Third, live life knowing that the transformative process of sanctification (the process of becoming more like Christ) is ongoing. Mentally gird yourself to live as Mark 8:34 says, "If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me.” (NIV) Make Jesus Lord every day. Ask Jesus to protect you from deception and compromise and to strengthen you to take up your cross daily and follow Him. Hear and respond to God while enjoying a greater filling of God’s presence and work. Lordship is hard in the world’s eyes, but refreshingly wonderful to those who have chosen God over the world, satan, and the flesh. There is no greater joy than experiencing the fullness of God’s life in you! 

Philippians 3:8-11 “I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ and be found in Him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ — the righteousness that comes from God and is by faith. I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death, and so, somehow, to attain to the resurrection from the dead.” (NIV) 

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