Seven Stairs to Experiencing More of Christ

"SEVEN STAIRS TO EXPERIENCING MORE OF CHRIST" contains the following lessons:

Seven Stairs to Experiencing More of Christ

Spiritual Reproduction

This article will help you see the value of helping others not only come to know Christ, but also discipling them for spiritual transformation. See how the world can come to know Christ in 32 years!

Answers to Lessons

Each lesson is provided in a dual format. The first lesson includes the Scriptures and questions, while the second provides Scriptures, questions, and answers. It is recommended that, once the study is completed, you go back through the study using the lesson that includes answers. Go through the lesson with answers not as a routine exercise, but ask the Holy Spirit to impress upon you what you should apply to your life. Make your applications specific and accountable instead of merely desires with no accountability to implement.

If you are doing the lesson with another person, you should complete the lesson without looking at the answers. Allow God to speak to you in the lesson. God can always impress upon you new truth or conviction where you fall short - no matter how familiar you are with a topic.

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