Ministry Package for Organizations Over 39


Growing in Christ ministry packages provides organizations a tremendous opportunity for ministering, training, discipling, and equipping for vibrant walks with Christ. Your purchase of Growing in Christ is far more than a purchase of Bible studies - It is a ministry platform for meeting the spiritual needs, ministering, sharing the gospel, and growing in Christ.  Ministry packages provide you all 19 Growing in Christ Bible studies which consists of 118 lessons. All materials are a part of the program – free for your members’ use – and easily delivered through e-mail or hard copy.  All studies come in a dual format: Student copy with teaching, Scripture, question and teacher copy with Scripture, question, and answer.

Organizations Over 39 Package Sign Up

Growing in Christ is a ministry program based on Organization size. It is designed to be affordable to all users according to their ability to pay. We trust the honesty of those using Growing in Christ materials. This ministry platform is designed to be used for the whole body of Christ, so the greatest number are positively affected.